Brom Fiedlerson


Brom is a very noble person in nature. Growing up all he ever wanted was to be like his father, a hero. Having originally been overlooked by the League he spent the next year rigorously training at only 5 years of age to be able to prove himself hero material for the next year. When he did finally get into the Academy, he became top of his class very quickly. He knew one day he would be a hero, and that meant that lives would one day hang on his shoulders. He needed to be the best so as to not let them down.

When he finally entered the Cave of Trials he was so sure of his abilities that he became overconfident. When he saw a damsel in distress, a woman being suspended over a chasm by an evil looking man, he was quick to intervene. Unfortunately it was an illusion, and he fell into a trap he could not get out of. The rest of the heroes training with him had to fight the gargoyles alone, which resulted in their failure of the test. Brom was forced to repeat his last year of study at the Academy. Though he was disappointed in himself for failing, he knew that the lesson he learned was a valuable one. He was glad he learned it before he graduated, when nobody’s life was truly in danger.

A year later he undertook the test again, with a renewed sense of determination.

Brom’s Journal
Brom’s Journal, Page 1
Brom’s Journal, Page 2
Brom’s Journal, Page 3

Brom Fiedlerson

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