No More Heroes

Tango with Glaurune

Upon arriving in Dumbledore our heroes found it to be deserted. Save for the fact that corpses burned beyond recognition littered the streets there was no sign of anyone anywhere.

Thankfully, there was no immediate sign of the Dragon either.

Willow and Quinn quickly found a magic scroll shop and pilfered it for all it’s remaining valuables. Luckily enough for them they found one scroll of Raise Dead, along with some others, and the components needed to cast it. Eight hours later, Ubashu was back on his feet again.

Certain more than ever that they would find no survivors in Dumbledore, the heroes decided to look in the Yellow Hills just North of the village in case any survivors managed to escape there. On their way out of the city, Willow caught notice of a large pile of treasure that filled the town square next to a fountain. Unable to resit she approached the pile stealthily.

No sooner had she lifted a magic shuriken had the Dragon reared it’s head. The heroes immediately booked it through the streets of Dumbledore with the Dragon in hot pursuit. Knowing that outrunning it was not much of an option, the heroes ducked and turned and twisted between alleyways and corridors trying their best to lose the Dragon in the dark corners of the town. Their plan worked, but not before Quinn got his backside singed in the process.

Though they were little shaken up and burned they had managed to survive their encounter with the Dragon. The three soon found themselves on the path North to the Yellow Hills….



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