No More Heroes

Escape from Hero Academy

or, how to kill an Ubashu in 3 days

With the other heroes gone without a trace the council decided it was prudent to keep the five remaining heroes under lock and key. They were fearful that whatever happened to the rest of the heroes might also happen to these five, and so they were placed under temporary house arrest for their own protection.

Of course, our heroes didn’t like that very much and escaped at their first opportunity.

With the world in chaos they were needed outside now more than ever. Gifted with a map from Willow‘s parents, the crew decided it best to cover as much ground as they could. So Brom and Hinny went East towards Hinny’s hometown of Elandael, while Quinn, Ubashu, and Willow went West towards Dumbledore. The group had heard rumours that a dreaded Red Dragon had besieged the small hamlet, and they wanted to make themselves useful by looking for survivors.

It was on the path to Dumbledore that the heroes discovered a caravan that had been overturned and ransacked. Signs of a fight were everywhere, but no bodies were to be found. Tracks leading South suggested that whoever attacked the caravan left with a much heavier load then they arrived with. Hoping that the people on the caravan were taken alive, the heroes pursued the tracks. After a short while the tracks turned East towards Devon Canyon. Continuing on the trail they could see the canyon in sight when they were ambushed by a group of Grimlocks. The Grimlocks fought viciously, and though the heroes won in the end it didn’t come without a cost. Ubashu’s wounds proved fatal, and he died shortly after.



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