No More Heroes

Brom's Journal, Page 3

From the pen of Brom Fiedlerson

Four days ago. We emerged from the portal on the other side in the main hall of the Academy. Though we expected some kind of reception or celebration, there was none. Nobody seemed to be anywhere in fact. We began looking around for signs of life when we encountered one of the teachers at the Academy. He was shocked to see us and quickly ushered us into the council room where the council members were in hot debate. They too were shocked to see us return.

Apparently, during our absence, all the heroes in the world vanished overnight.

Not just the registered heroes, but those still in training too. Nobody knows where they went or why they are gone. Somehow we seem to have escaped this horrible vanishing. The council members were baffled as to why this could be, and told us we needed to remain safely guarded within the Academy until they could learn more. They were afraid that whatever took the heroes would come back for us. So we were secured in a room and guarded. This didn’t sit well with the others. They wanted to get out and do something, not sit tight and wait for answers to come to us. So we all worked together to sneak out of the Academy grounds that night.

We ended up inside an old tree that had been turned into a house for a group of Gnomes. These Gnomes were the parents of Willow, the Rogue in our group. The were glad to see she was alright and offered to let us stay for the night. In the morning Willow’s parents gave us some maps of the area. We agreed that if we were to find answers to the disappearance of the other heroes we should be discreet and try and cover more ground by splitting up. For this reason, Willow, Quinn, and Ubashu went West, while Hinny and I went East, towards her hometown of Elandael.



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