No More Heroes

Brom's Journal, Page 1

From the pen of Brom Fiedlerson

The world is teetering on the edge of a precipice.

Once the heroes of the world numbered in the thousands. United under the banner of the League of Heroes, they accomplished many great deeds. Damsels in distress were but a footnote to the pages of heroics they left in the book of history. They saved the world, literally, more times then I know to count. Now there are no more heroes. Perhaps once the world knew how to survive without these bastions of peace, long ago, but if they did they know no longer. The world has become dependent on the heroes. And why shouldn’t they? Our entire purpose for existing is to remove from the rest the fear of having to protect the ones you love from the things that lurk in the dark corners of the world. Of course, I now wonder if the purpose comes with a fatal flaw. If they no longer know how to defend themselves because of heroes, what will they do now?

Is it the League’s fault? No. It can’t be. We were trying to help the people! Never in a million years could anyone have predicted what happened. We can’t be blamed for the vanishing. And yet, part of me wonders if we are to blame. If the League had never been created, the people we were trying to protect would be better able to protect themselves. No, I must not think these things. Leave the theories to philosophers and historians. I am neither. I am a hero. Possibly one of the last ones left. I do not know what I can accomplish, but I will do what I was trained to do. People need heroes now more then ever.

I just hope that my actions carry enough weight to stop the world from teetering. It’s a long way down should we fall.



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