No More Heroes

A World Without Heroes

After successfully emerging from the Cave of Trials, Brom, Hinny, Quinn, Ubashu, and Willow were all disappointed to learn that there would be no after party as expected. Those who would have planned it not only were too preoccupied with the disaster that befell them, but also simply did not expect to see them return. During their absence all the heroes in the entire world vanished overnight, and not just the fully registered ones either. Whatever took them also took the heroes in training from the Academy as well. The 5 that emerged from the Cave of Trials are the only heroes to have somehow escaped this global phenomenon which the public soon started to refer to as The Vanishing. The world was plunged it into a state of chaos. Nobody knew why or how the heroes managed to disappear so completely, but the scum of the earth didn’t take long to take advantage of their absence. Monsters and villains of all kinds began to turn the world into a living nightmare.

The Dragon Glaurune, kept in check by the great Dwarven Hero Mexulhar, now lays siege to the nearby hamlet of Dumbledore.

The great sorcerer Ophiuchus overthrew the lord of Restwell Keep and now rules it with an iron fist.

The Goblin King Alrok is said to have amassed an army in Harken Forest, to do what with only he knows.

Situations like these were hard enough to keep in check when the heroes numbered in the thousands. Now these villains and monsters spread like wildfire. If left unchecked, they have the power to destroy everything. To make matters worse, the chaos is encouraging small time crooks, petty thieves, and other less dangerous folk to act more boldly in their own pursuits. The local militia and guards within each city and town are overwhelmed. They were not equipped to deal with this level of chaos, nor would they have ever expected to with the presence of heroes. Soon they too will fall.

As our heroes take in this terrifying new information they come to one conclusion: now they are all that stands between the world we know and an army of darkness.



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